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Todd Richman
National Whisky Specialist - Samson and Surrey

It [sensory appreciation] was an amazing class. Having had several classes in the past on scotch whisky, I really enjoyed Lia's approach, candor, and vision for the Edinburgh Whisky Academy sensory training. Adding in the seasonality of scotch was a concept I never thought about and I loved it. It was just a really special course. She brought a level of mindfulness to the course that is often missing from scotch whisky and whisky trainings in general and something that I’ll take with me for my career and try to replicate.

Matt Greitzer
Owner/Silver Brothers Distillery

Our Edinburgh Whisky Academy course in Sensory Appreciation with Lia was great! It was just what we were looking for in terms of a foundational approach to tasting and sensory analysis, in an open and relaxing environment for learning.

Sherri Simko
Director, North America, Carl Hansen & Søn WELL AP

I met Lia through planning a charity event and immediately understood her comprehensive understanding of Whiskey. When we were planning an event this past year, Lia expertly collaborated with us to customize a whiskey tasting exerience for our guests. Her storytelling skills come from her thorough knowledge and passion for spirits, and she is expert at engaging her audience, and having them open their minds (and mouths) to the world of Whiskey!

Devin Ershow
Co-Founder/CEO American Mash & Grain

Lia experiences whiskey the same way a poet experiences a sunset. Learning to drink whiskey is like learning a language, and Lia is one of the most fluent teachers you will come across. In her tastings, she uses each whiskey to tell a story. One of history and the impact that whiskey has had across the world, but also the journey of the process. She describes whiskey as being “of the earth,” and the way she talks about the grains, the yeast, the oak barrels, awakens a deeper appreciation for the magical qualities in the glass.

Meredith Duncan
Creative Digital Marketing and Programming

Lia is a captivating storyteller and excellent presenter. I had the pleasure to work with her at Brooklyn Historical Society when Lia gave a lecture on the Whiskey Wars and the history of distilling in Brooklyn at one of our free museum events. She had a captivated audience for the entire time and gave her talk with a wonderful mix of facts, humor, and interesting details. Lia also took questions from the audience with ease, creating an open atmosphere of learning and discussion. It was a pleasure to work with Lia throughout the event planning process, and I would absolutely work with her again!

Award Winning Distillery Tours
Award Winning Distillery Tours
Award Winning Distillery Tours
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